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Know all about cholesterol

All would surely agree that the health issues of cholesterol in the present day times, all thanks to the sedentary lifestyle and wrong eating habits. Though majority of people are suffering from this health issue and taking medications for its effective treatment, very few are actually aware of what exactly is cholesterol all about. Read on to know more about the causes. Cures and the other related factors of cholesterol in elaboration.

First things first, what is cholesterol? Put in laymen terms cholesterol is a type of lipid fat that form an essential part for the optimal functioning of the body. Cholesterol is not necessarily bad, as opposed to the popular belief. As a matter of fact it helps in the production of progesterone and testosterone hormone in the body. The cholesterol which is required for the appropriate functioning of the body is produced by the liver.

Though cholesterol is good for the body, it can render the required purpose only till the time it is present in an appropriate amount. The moment the cholesterol level surpasses the normal level, it becomes a cause of concern. Excess of cholesterol spells danger for the healthy situation.

As the percentage of cholesterol in the body increases, it begins to get deposited in the body in the form of plaque. This plaque deposition usually occurs in the inner wall of the arteries through which the blood is passed to the heart. The deposition obstructs the smooth flow of the blood resulting in several cardiovascular risks like cardiac arrest and sometimes even stroke.

Cholesterol if generally divided into two sub categories depending on the density of the same. These categories primarily are LDL (low density protein) and HDL (high density protein). While HDL is good for the optimal functioning of the body, LDL can play havoc if its percentage is not monitored and allowed to trespass the normal level.

So, now that you are well aware of all the aspects as related to cholesterol, you are surely in a better position to take control of the situation effectively.


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